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fire ’em up! November 18, 2008

Posted by frabbity in Food-related, Randomness, sexy sightings.

Well the hellish fortnight that was the last two weeks of school is finally over, and although I survived it, it was not pretty. Not. Pretty. But I’ve already talked about that.

So, moving on..

It’s been a happy, peaceful three days since Friday—sleep, sleep, meat, sleep, sleep, TV (both the real kind and the kind on my laptop). And of course, I’ve been really wallowing in the various food blogs that I’d been neglecting. I mean, yeah, I was checking them out regularly, but in a cursory, skim the words and check out the pictures, not even looking at the recipes.

But now, I’ve been reading posts, clicking links, browsing recipe archives. Man, oh man do I want to bake.

There’s a sexy-sounding Chocolate Stout Cake—and although my love for Guiness is nowhere near my love for chocolate, or cake (or chocolate cake), I have been craving a nice dark Guiness for some time now.

There’s also this yumsome looking Chocolate cake that not only looks absolutely gorgeous in a homely way, but also seems super easy.

And of course, there’s my festive obsession with Pumpkin Pie, because I am such a sucker for the Americanised Americanized, Consumerized tricked-out version of Christmas—stocking-stuffers of all kinds  stacked in rows across the aisles in the supermarkets, not to mention the cans of pumpkin pie filling, rock-hard frozen turkeys, cans of cranberry sauce, seasonal varieties of ordinary chocolates and sweets (Melty Kiss!!) and pretty sweets and cookies for those hostess gifts everyone needs once Christmas Party season starts.

sigh. I do love the winter wonderland of consumption-driven festivities.

So right now I just want to bake.

Chocolate cake, snickerdoodles, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, oh, and swiss rolls! I want to make a sponge cake, fill it up with strawberry jam and vanilla whipped cream, and just roll it up.

I also want to make stuff—pana cotta, frozen creamy popsicles..sooo many more things.


But thinking of baking makes me think of spending money, and the thought of spending money makes me think of those Zara boots I want to buy—and I’ve sorrrta decided that I will put down $99 for those boots—just so I can say, “These boots were made for walking!” (Even though they’re prolly not, really)

(Gosh, I’m such an America-whore. heh)




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